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Elite is a USG approved installer of LevelRock Brand Acoustical Sound Mats and Gypsum Underlayments.  Often referred to in the construction industry as "Gypcrete" (in reference to a product made by Maxxon), Gypsum Underlayments are an economical way to meet demanding acoustical and fire rating requirements.  USG's LevelRock 2500 can provide a finished pour up to 1000psi stronger than Gyp-crete.  And with LevelRock 3500 and the wide range of specialty products from USG for floor topping, leveling and patching, we can help to restore floors in exisiting spaces in addition to our acoustical separation solutions.

Langley Terrace

For this 20-Unit Residential project in Newton, Elite provided LevelRock SAM acoustical sound mat and LevelRock 2500 Underlayment.  Elite also provided all metal framing and drywall for this project.

Location: Newton, MA

General Contractor: Metric Corp

Completed: November 2019

North Square

For this 100.000sf Two-Building Residential Development Elite provided LevelRock SAM acoustical sound mats and LevelRock 2500 Underlayment.

Location: Amherst, MA

General Contractor: Keith Construction

Completed: September 2019

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